What’s your take on fault in our stars? A book review, sort of

So I finally landed my hands on the John Green’s hit novel, “fault in our stars.” And damn was that one good novel. Yeah, I know some people are like, “Fault in our stars? That’s such an old book.” “You’re just reading the book?” Blah blah blah. Well, honey I also haven’t watched the movie…


It’s hard you know. Keeping all these hate in you, and locking them into the deepest part of your soul until it grows from the root and spreads like wild fire into every fragile and sensitive part of your body. Sometimes it get quite in you, like an ocean that slowly laps against the shore,…

Book Review: English As A Second Language By Megan Crane

Evan—and I can’t stress how much this annoyed me—turned out to be right about Oxford. I would eventually announce to an old college professor that I had been rejected from Oxford, which would make him cackle. “You’re in very good company,” he told me.

A book review: Fishermen By Chigozie Obioma.

My brothers and I were roosters: The creature’s that woke people, announcing the end of time like natural alarm clocks, but who in return for their services, must be slain for man’s consumption.